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Universal connectivity with low-cost plans built for signage. Available in USA, Canada & Europe


BrightSign Mobile offers an all-in-one solution for reliable player connectivity where Internet access is a challenge. It includes a low-profile USB regional modem with an installed SIM card and a choice of data plans which are custom-designed for signage and exclusive to BrightSign. Our affordable & flexible data plans can easily connect your player to the cloud with confidence.


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  • Universal Connectivity: Reliable player connectivity where access is a challenge
  • Stellar Coverage: 4G performance with two Tier 1 carriers across USA, Canada & Europe
  • All-in-One Solution: Low-profile USB modem & mobile data service plan supported by BrightSign
  • Affordable Plans: Three low-cost, 6-month plans with low minimum data requirements designed for signage
  • Flexible Data Options: Month-to-month services & fixed data prices for both overages & scheduled content updates
  • Fully BrightSign-Integrated: Plug & play modem setup with full support on, BrightAuthor:connected & integrated partner CMS solutions


BrightSign USB Regional Modem (required)

Includes an installed regional SIM card for North America (USA & Canada) or Europe.

Affordable Data Plans

Select a Service

BrightSign Regional USB Modem

  • A low-profile BrightSign USB-A connected modem with an installed SIM card available for the following regions:
    • North America SKU for USA & Canada: MDM-USB Connect 4G v2 NA
    • Europe SKU: MDM-USB Connect 4G v2 EU
  • Compatible on all BrightSign Series 3 & 4 players with a USB port & BrightSign AU335


  • BrightSign Mobile service will only function on a BrightSign purchased regional USB modem.

  • When using a BrightSign LS424 player, we recommend connecting the BrightSign USB modem to a powered USB hub for uninterrupted operation.

$120 MSRP

How to Buy  

Data Plans

  • BrightSign Mobile data plans will only function on a BrightSign regional USB modem
  • Pricing does not include taxes or VAT
  • After the first 6-months of the initial contract, plans automatically change to month-to-month charges
  • When data limits are reached, service continues & overage pricing automatically is charged to your account
  • Hard cap plans available for those that cannot tolerate overages

Getting Started

1. Purchase a BrightSign Regional USB Modem 2. Purchase a data plan via
the BrightSign Mobile Portal
3. Get Connected

How to Buy

Sales will contact you within 24 hours

BrightSign Mobile Portal



BrightSign Mobile only operates on a BrightSign regional USB modem which is currently available for the USA and Europe.
Please contact or visit our support page for assistance with BrightSign Mobile.

BrightSign Mobile Country Support

Austria Latvia
Belgium Lithuania
Bulgaria Luxembourg
Canada Malta
Croatia Netherlands
Cyprus Norway
Czech Republic Poland
Denmark Portugal
Estonia Romania
Finland Slovakia
France Slovenia
Germany Spain
Greece Sweden
Hungary Switzerland
Ireland United Kingdom
Italy United States of America


•Plans can be purchased from any supported country and then used in another supported country

•The correct regional USB modem must match the region in which it will be operating.

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