Avoid high-touch surfaces. View and control a touch screen’s display on your mobile phone.


  • Delivers phone assisted engagement for touchless interactivity with a quick scan of a QR code
  • Links any phone to your signage for touchless engagement without internet or an app
  • Displays your content in a linked phone’s browser, making it a viewable digital sign & sign controller – no internet or app needed
  • Provides an affordable, turnkey solution with a BrightSign player, an installed wireless module & your custom content
  • Uses proven BrightSign technology that can easily be deployed for new and existing installations with confidence

Choose your implementation

1-way engagement

  • Makes your phone the digital sign – screen is optional!

2-way engagement

  • Turns your phone into a remote control to safely engage with interactive digital signs

1-way engagement

  • Easily displays your image or HTML content on a personal phone’s browser with a quick QR code scan
  • Supports a multitude of users linked to a single BrightSign player to distribute your content
  • Offers an Admin Portal to easily update image content displayed on a user's phone
  • Does NOT require an internet connection, an app or even a display
  • Ideal applications:
    • Provide visitors with a location map of your space from museums to malls, public buildings & beyond
    • Communicate contact directories to office visitors
    • Convey information on products & services
    • Distribute coupons, offers & discounts
    • Optional ability to link to online loyalty programs & opt in offers using the phone's cell service

How it works for a museum application

1. Join the exhibit's Wi-Fi Network.

2. Scan the QR code.

3. View the exhibit information.

2-way engagement

Uses a phone as the remote control to safely interact with digital signs – no app needed!

  • Turns a personal phone into a remote control to actively control the playback of a display or kiosk
  • Gives a linked phone the controls with a quick scan of a QR code without an app or an internet connection
  • Plays custom HTML content in a phone’s browser with an interactive interface to remotely control the display
  • Optionally provides the ability to visit online opt-in programs and buy now sites using the phone’s cell service
  • Links to a single phone at any one time with configurable & automatic disconnection options
  • Ideal to avoid high-touch surfaces for remote control applications such as:
    • Touchless retail interactive product selectors & demos
    • Responsive retail inventory signage to instantly update content to let customers know what’s in stock
    • Hands-free interactive corporate directory & wayfinders
    • Contact-less engagement for museum exhibits and kiosks for transportation, hotels, healthcare & more
How it works for a retail kiosk application

1. Join the kiosk network.

2. Scan the QR code.

3. Control the display.

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