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Built for interactivity & 4K

Build experiences that go beyond the screen with the all new BrightSign HD5. This ultra-high-definition player is purpose-built for interactivity & 4K.     

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Build experiences that go beyond the screen with the all new BrightSign HD5. This ultra-high-definition player is purpose-built for interactivity, 4K60p HDR10 video, and demanding HTML5 animations. With its flexible I/O set, interactive peripherals like touch screens, proximity sensors, and buttons are easy to install and control. UDP and serial commands can be used to control environmental elements like lighting and conference room routing. Integrated partner solutions enable networks of players to deliver audience measurement, monetization, and analytics data to a centralized dashboard. A patented aluminum enclosure and slim form factor allows the device to operate reliably in extreme conditions. With its full set of I/O connections, high-quality 4K video, and advanced HTML performance BrightSign HD5 is the player of choice for captivating experiences that connect with your audience.


  • Plays 4K60p video with High Dynamic Range (HDR10)
  • Rotates Full HD video and performs dual HD video decoding
  • Plays demanding 2D motion graphics and animations smoothly in Full HD
  • Supports responsive single touch interactions with Full HD graphics and swipe interactions with scaled down 2D graphics
  • Offers a full set of I/O connections for any type of interactivity including USB, serial, GPIO, IR, and Ethernet
  • Tracks usage data for interactions with connected peripheral devices
  • Integrates with partner solutions for audience measurement, analytics & monetization solutions
  • Operates in tight spaces & extreme conditions with its ultra-thin design & patented aluminum enclosure
  • Runs our purpose-built BrightSign OS delivering legendary reliability, security, and uptimes


Standard i/O Player

$500 MSRP


Expanded I/O Player

$600 MSRP


Image Gallery

  • HD225 front view

    HD225 front view

  • HD225 front ports

    HD225 front ports

  • HD225 back ports

    HD225 back ports

  • HD225 top view

    HD225 top view

  • HD1025 front view

    HD1025 front view

  • HD1025 front ports

    HD1025 front ports

  • HD1025 Back Ports

    HD1025 Back Ports

  • HD1025 top view

    HD1025 top view

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