BrightSign XC5

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Revolutionary performance across multiple screens

BrightSign XC5 is in a category of its own that outperforms signage PCs with ease. Two models offer differing levels of HTML5 performance, both offer stunning 8K and a complete set of connectivity options.

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From 4-screen video walls to blazing-fast 3D Web GL applications, BrightSign XC5 does it all. Crafting video wall and multi-screen presentations are significantly streamlined with multi-output players and our BrightWall feature. With multiple HDMITM outputs, stellar
HTML5 performance and stunning 8k video, XC5 is the most powerful player BrightSign has ever created.


  • Revolutionary HTML5 performance
    • Discover ultra-smooth motion graphics rendered at incredibly high framerates
    • Interact with highly responsive multi-touch HTML5 animations
    • Runs intense CSS animations, 3D WebGL & JavaScript
    • Experience significantly accelerated content load times
  • Streamline video walls & multiple screens with a single multi-output player
  • Offers stunning 8K video & graphics
  • Performs hardware accelerated 4K video rotation
  • Runs BrightSign OS to boost reliability, security & uptimes





Elite + Player

                  8K, dual HDMI output player 
                 with PC class HTML performance
8K, quad HDMI output player with Elite HTML
performance that is 2x more powerful than BrightSign XC2055

Image Gallery

  • XC2055 front view

    XC2055 front view

  • XC2055 front ports

    XC2055 front ports

  • XC2055 back ports

    XC2055 back ports

  • XC4055 front view

    XC4055 front view

  • XC4055 front ports

    XC4055 front ports

  • XC4055 Back Ports

    XC4055 Back Ports

  • XC5 Assembly

    XC5 Assembly

    Easy access to install
    Wi-Fi module & SSD.

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