Mosaic Mode

Turn on Mosaic mode to enable more simultaneous video zones in BrightAuthor

Create highly dynamic displays that play a multitude of videos at once
  • BrightSign HD, XD & XT players can play a multitude of smaller resolution videos simultaneously that add up to the maximum video resolution of the player using BrightAuthor
    • Display an increased number of video zones with total resolutions adding up to the maximum resolution output of the video decoder (1920x1080 or 4K).
    • The lower the resolution of the video files used, the higher the number that can be simultaneously displayed in each zone.
    • User must scale down the video files prior to adding them to the video zone.
  • NEW: BrightSign XT supports simultaneous decode of 4 Full HD videos
    (via BrightScript)
  • BrightAuthor:connected and BrightAuthor both support playing an HTML feed containing multiple videos in a single zone as long as the HTML feed resolution matches the player's maximum resolution

Models with this feature:

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