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While innovation has been a driving force in the company’s growth for more than a century, Kellogg's intra-office and employee communications system was stuck somewhere in the '80s. Recognizing the importance of timely, uniform corporate communications throughout the enterprise, Kellogg’s updated its employee communications system with an enterprise-wide digital signage solution.

Key Facts

Industry: Corporate Offices

Design/Integration Company: Intaglio AV

Location: Battle Creek, MI headquarters and other offices throughout North America

Project: BrightSign players deliver content to Kellogg’s updated employee and corporate communications system with an enterprise-wide digital signage solution


  • Kellogg wanted to replace its outdated PowerPoint communications system that was cumbersome to use, low on quality, ignored by employees and frequently failed
  • A robust, networked solution was needed to unify the company through cohesive communications that employees and visitors would find entertaining as well as educational
  • Kellogg required a solution that was easy to use by non-technical staff and required minimal management by local personnel
  • Pristine HD quality was a priority
  • A non Windows-based solution was preferred for reliability and ease of use


  • Easy to use, the BrightSign players require substantially less of the staff's time
  • High reliability to support Kellogg's future plans for 24/7 operation
  • BrightAuthor supports Kellogg's future plans for in-house creation and distribution of custom content without complicated scripts
  • The economical, PC-less players require a fraction of the power used by the old PC-based PowerPoint system
  • Discrete installation keeps the compact players hidden as they easily mount behind flat-screen displays
  • Seamless delivery of SignChannel content from a virtually self-managed, networked media player
  • Kellogg found the initial 20 BrightSign unit digital signage solution met all of their requirements and ordered an additional 43 units

BrightSign Solution

  • 63 Network-enabled HD210 digital sign controllers connect more than 50 Kellogg US Offices
  • The HD digital sign network serves as Kellogg's corporate communication system and are installed in employee break rooms, lobbies and other public areas
  • Each Kellogg office streams corporate messaging mixed in with news, weather and stock prices provided by a customized SignChannel "channel"
  • The BrightSign PC-less controllers have been added to the Kellogg network for future applications, such as sending timely corporate messages throughout the enterprise

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