College campus digital signage delivers directory information, school news, RSS feeds and inspiring alumni stories

Six networked BrightSign digital players have been installed at UC Irvine (UCI) on the Paul Merage School of Business campus. The turnkey solid-state media controllers include five BrightSign HD210s with high-definition looping playlist support and a BrightSign HD1010 Interactive player. In addition to delivering school news combined with RSS feeds, the HD210s deliver inter-school news and inspiring alumni success stories while the interactive HD1010 drives a touch- screen directory of more than 200 faculty and staff offices.

"The HD210 PC-less controller for the digital sign in the Experian Lobby was purchased directly from BrightSign and I installed it myself. Following the successful deployment of our digital display in the Experian Lobby, we added four more HD210 displays and an HD1010 interactive player in the business school's main building, the SB building."- Toshi Nakamura, System Administrator for UC Irvine

Key Facts

Industry: Education

Design/Integration Team: In-house


  • 1 BrightSign HD210 displays HD looping content of alumni success stories
  • 4 BrightSign HD210s deliver school news and RSS feeds from Reuters and The Wall Street Journal through a subscription with SignChannel
  • 1 BrightSign HD1010 drives a touch screen school directory of more than 200 faculty & staff offices


  • Create an inspirational lobby with regularly updated graduate success stories and biographies in full HD
  • Replace outdated monitors playing PowerPoint presentations driven by PCs mounted in the ceilings with dynamic HD flat screens remotely updated with digital content relative to the business school and the global business community
  • Update antiquated printed directory that was difficult to update with a user-friendly, interactive directory kiosk for the main lobby of the SB Building displaying approximately 200 names and office locations

BrightSign Benefits

  • Controllers are compact and can be discretely mounted out of sight
  • Solid-state platform enhances reliability while lowering operational costs
  • Content can be easily managed and updated remotely via secure network
  • Content can be easily created and uploaded by non-technical staff, supplied by subscription service, or a combination of both
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