Ripley's Believe or Not!

Interactive and Synchronized Museum Exhibits

The recently reopened San Francisco Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium added 25 new BrightSign digital media controllers as part of a $5 million renovation. Used to make the exhibits more entertaining and more informative for visitors of all ages, BrightSign HD210 players deliver looping HD video displays while HD810s provide playback for interactive displays.

BrightSign is perfect when you are installing a million different things in one museum. My work is highly simplified when I can do a lot of different things with one unit. With BrightSign, I don't have to go through three or four different manufacturers and vendors to get everything I need. BrightSign can do the easiest thing and just play a looping video, or create zones to make something more graphical, and I can even add interactivity with a touch screen or buttons.- Louis Aguila, IT Analyst, Ripley Entertainment, Inc.

Key Facts

Industry: Museums

Location: San Francisco, CA and other worldwide locations

Project: BrightSign players make exhibits entertaining and engaging through high definition displays and interactivity

Recognition: ProAV 2010 Spotlight Award for Best Retail AV Project

BrightSign Solution

  • 25 BrightSign units installed made up of both HD210 and HD810 models
  • Multi-screen synchronized video walls and single displays play looping HD video explaining what’s on display
  • Wall-projected video art display creates a unique kaleidoscope optical illusion that visitors walk through
  • Unique interactive displays trigger video playback using motion sensors, buttons, touch screens and more
  • Hidden and unexpected HD video displays add whimsy and surprise to exhibits


  • Economical and maintenance-free video exhibits
  • Tight schedule of 3 weeks to complete design and implementation
  • Discrete/hidden installation of technology
  • Need to withstand nearly year-round public use
  • Scalable solution that can support future network connectivity plans to support remote content updates
  • Excellent HD video quality


  • Economical solution vs. more expensive PC-based options
  • Simple integration met tight schedule requirements including physical installation and custom presentation creation using BrightAuthor
  • Solid-state platform contributes to high reliability with no failures reported to date despite heavy 14hrs/day, 7day a week usage
  • Installs discretely behind displays, under counters and behind walls
  • Flexible interactive controls allow each unit to be configured for a broad range of interactive applications
  • Stellar HD quality modernizes both antique collections and contemporary displays alike
  • Content and presentations can be updated by non-technical staff using included BrightAuthor software
  • Lower power consumption than PC-based solutions

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