Dynamic HD Menu Boards Reflect Argo Tea's Creativity

With offerings as creative and addictively delicious as Green Tea Strawberry Créme, MojiTea and Teappuccino, Argo Tea, a successful chain of specialty tea cafés, wanted to update its static menu boards to cost-effectively improve their presentation and automate new content delivery. Fifty BrightSign network-enabled HD1010 digital signage players are connected to 52-inch and 55-inch LCD screens to deliver engaging, high-definition menu boards at each of the chain's 21 cafés. Paired with BrightSign Network, Argo Tea can now update prices and menu items on each of the double-board menu displays from its Chicago headquarters.

"Using BrightSign as our menu board presentation has allowed for more flexibility in flavor changes, pricing updates and layout redesigns. We've also been able to completely eliminate daily specials menu board signage that was previously used to communicate seasonal offerings and other limited-time promotions."- Simon Simonian, Argo Tea's Director of IT and one of its founders

Key Facts

Industry: Specialty Café Chains

Location: 21 Argo Tea Cafés in Chicago, New York City and St. Louis

Integrator: In-house

Project: Networked Digital Menu Boards


  • 50 BrightSign HD1010 solid-state controllers deliver looped digital messaging for menu boards
  • Custom Zones screen layouts enable cafés to present multiple impressions on a single screen
  • BrightSign Network allows Argo Tea to easily control and regionally target dynamic monthly content updates of product information, specials and pricing


  • Provide attractive, in-store menu content that connects with customers
  • Coincide with Argo Tea's philosophy to maintain a green operation
  • Eliminate extra costs for printing and delivery of paper signage for seasonal/limited-time promotions
  • Provide the ability to immediately update flavor changes and pricing updates
  • Ensure ease of use, scalability, reliability, and affordability for every store in the chain


  • A single digital sign can provide multiple messages and the content can be updated within minutes using a secure network
  • BrightSign digital menu boards have completely eliminated the need for printed daily specials menu board signage
  • BrightSign Network simplifies monthly updates and keeps content fresh from a remote location
  • Content can be coordinated across the chain or specified for a single store location
  • Content can be easily created and uploaded by non-technical staff
  • BrightSign controllers require only 3-5 watts of power for a greener solution
  • Digital signage controllers are compact and can be discretely mounted behind the screens
  • Solid-state platform delivers high reliability and lowers operational costs

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