BrightSign and c3ms Help Fraiche Yogurt Serve Up Success at SFO

Fraiche Yogurt is a small chain of boutique establishments in the San Francisco Bay Area serving up nutritious food, including artisanal frozen yogurt; raw juices & smoothies; sweet & savory snacks; and other freshly prepared treats. One of its five Bay Area locations is situated in Terminal 3 of San Francisco International Airport. Fraiche turned to c3ms and BrightSign to create a digital menu board display to help it stand out in an area crowded by many other food vendors.

“Wary travelers are tempted with many food options at SFO, and we needed to raise our profile to remain competitive in the fiercely competitive airport dining market,” said Patama Gur, co-founder and owner of Fraiche.” Our investment in digital menu boards helped us not only remain competitive, but translated directly into increased revenue. The installation has more than paid for itself in just a matter of months.”

Patama is motivated by the near-instant success of this initial digital menu board installation and plans are now underway to retrofit her three other establishments in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Key Facts

Industry: Dining

Location: San Francisco, CA

Integrator: c3ms media

Project: Fraiche Yogurt


  • Four Philips BDL 5560EL 55-inch screens
  • Screens powered by four BrightSign HD digital signage media players
  • Still and full-motion video content displayed on all screens


  • Fraiche is located toward the end of Terminal 3 at SFO, and was in need of digital menu boards to grab the attention of wary travelers
  • Needed an easy way to transition from static to dynamic menu boards
  • Travelers were tempted with many other dining options, therefore Fraiche needed a way to make its nutritious snacks stand out amidst a sea of less-healthy alternatives

The Solution

  • Eye-catching menu boards are bright and feature motion video to draw-in new customers
  • c3ms engaged a professional food photographer that captured striking still and video imagery, creating a visual showcase of Fraiche’s offerings
  • Regular, ongoing content updates are managed by c3ms via BrightSign Network


  • Fraiche reports a 35% sales increase since installing the new digital menu boards
  • Successful deployment at SFO paves the way for digital menu board installations at other Fraiche locations

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