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LifeProof Chooses BrightSign for POP Displays in Best Buy

LifeProof integrated BrightSign’s digital signage players into point-of-purchase (POP) displays in 800 of Best Buy’s US retail locations. A leading manufacturer of rugged cases for iPhone and iPad, LifeProof is using a total of 1,600 inline displays to engage customers and generate sales in the increasingly competitive iOS accessories market.

“We needed a POP display that reflects the value of the LifeProof brand and vividly articulates the value of our products,” said Kyle Ballarta, Marketing Director at LifeProof. “BrightSign made it possible to deliver the interactive content necessary to successfully convey how our products give people the freedom to use their mobile devices anywhere and everywhere their day takes them.”

POP displays are only successful if they entice customers to engage with the displays in a meaningful way. BrightSign’s abundant content support and robust interactive capabilities gave LifeProof the tools to present content in a way that is both informative and entertaining. The displays deliver rich content with interactivity that lets the customer tailor the experience to their specific areas of interest. This personalized experience enriches the shopping experience and greatly improves the likelihood of a sale.

Key Facts

Industry: Retail, consumer electronics

Location: United States

Integrator/Display Manufacturer: Phoenix Fixtures

Project: Merchandize LifeProof iOS cases in Best Buy


  • 1,600 inline point-of-purchase (POP) displays in 800 US-based Best Buy stores
  • Two BrightSign HD 1020 players used in each store
  • Interactive video content developed in BrightAuthor allows users to trigger lifestyle vignettes specific to their areas of interest using a touch screen


  • LifeProof was heading into its second holiday shopping season in Best Buy and was in need of a compelling, eye-catching display to differentiate itself from competitors
  • Increasingly crowded market for iOS accessories required LifeProof to find a unique way to market its products
  • LifeProof’s value proposition is uniquely suited to active lifestyles, and this required the ability to deliver extensive content to educate prospective customers
  • Entire display had to be compact to maximize LifeProof’s allocated inline shelf-space and to allow for adequate product placement surrounding the display

The Solution

  • A landscape-oriented touch-screen anchors the display, surrounded by the various LifeProof products that are featured in a series of touch-interactive video vignettes that showcase the products’ key features
  • The screens loop video content and entice customers in the vicinity to interact with the engaging content on the touch-screen display
  • Upon interaction, customers have the ability to “drive” the presentation and learn more about the product that best suits their needs and lifestyle
  • The presentation, built using BrightAuthor, allows for video time-code events to send a command to indicate what video should be started when the same interactive touch point is activated on the touch screen. BrightAuthor audio zones listen for different zone messages to trigger “attract state”, “snow state”, “dirt state”, etc.


  • BrightSign’s players integrate seamlessly into the store shelf and elegantly display LifeProof’s portfolio of products
  • Display acts as a “virtual salesperson,” conveying LifeProof’s messaging with clarity and charm
  • Affordability of the players gave LifeProof a cost-effective way to deploy 1,600 displays in 800 stores while keeping the up-front costs well within budget
  • Ability to automatically trigger audio when customers are present ensures an informative shopping experience
  • BrightSign’s uptime rate of greater than 99.9 percent gave LifeProof the peace of mind that they could install the displays and nearly eliminate future maintenance costs altogether

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