Interactive Signage Improves Customer Experience with Consistent Product, Service and Brand Messaging at More than 350 Self-Storage Locations

Touchscreen Displays Give Customers Quick, Easy Reference for Determining Self-Storage and Logistics Solutions

Kitchen remodeling, kid off to college, recreational toys, and even business inventory can all require one thing – storage space. These days, however, simply offering secure, temperature-controlled units at a fair price is no longer the key to winning customers and their loyalty. The pendulum has swung back to a customer service focus; a principle that is a number one priority for CubeSmartsm (NYSE: CUBE), a leader in the $20+ billion self-storage industry. A re-evaluation of strategies just over a year ago led the company to shift its focus from simple storage, to offering a full menu of services and amenities to meet the growing and changing trends of individual and business customers. With stores in 26 states (as well as the District of Columbia), the challenge for CubeSmart was how to present this expanded menu of product offerings while at the same time provide a consistent customer experience with each location, and ensure identical brand messaging and product/service information nationwide.

Key Facts

Industry: Self-Storage and Logistics

Location: More than 350 CubeSmart locations throughout 44 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico

Integrator: Flixio Studios

Project: An interactive solution to unify brand, product and service messaging utilizing network-connected digital touch screens


Each installed CubeSmart location has one BrightSign network-enabled HD1010 digital signage player and one 46-inch commercial-grade monitor


  • Unify brand, product and service messaging across more than 350 stores nationwide
  • Enhance customer service by providing clear, concise recommendations to storage and logistics questions
  • Withstand daily customer use
  • Integrate HD-quality images and video
  • Low-cost implementation and maintenance


  • Brand, product and service messaging easily updated by authorized, non-technical staff via BrightAuthor software and a standard network connection
  • Interactive content guides viewers from one CubeSmart service or feature to the next
  • Quicker access to information has resulted in improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased sales due to improved customer awareness of available products and services
  • Exceptional reliability in high traffic locations due to highly reliable solid-state media player platform
  • Full HD-quality video
  • Low power requirements

BrightSign Solution

  • BrightSign HD1010 controllers deliver looping and interactive content and full HD video
  • The hardware was quick and easy to deploy, providing a rapid time to market
  • BrightSign Network subscription paired with BrightAuthor enable simultaneous remote content publishing, including updates and changes that are sent to all CubeSmart locations
  • BrightSign's BrightAuthor groups CubeSmart locations on the network according to available store offerings for simplified content management and publishing


"Ensuring consistent brand, product and service messaging across more than 350 nationwide locations, increasing workforce productivity and improving customer service seemed like a tall order for a single solution. But the BrightSign player/software/network solution combined with Flixio's engaging content on all-inclusive touch-screen displays has done it all."

- Joel Keaton, Vice President of Marketing at CubeSmart

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