Estée Lauder tasked the CSI Group with creating a new menu board system for the cafeteria at its Long Island Campus in Melville, New York. The centerpiece of this project is a seven-screen digital menu board network in landscape orientation. BrightSign’s HD1022 media players drive content to each of the eight menu boards, with one additional 55-inch commercial-grade LG LCD display serving as an event board for the cafeteria.

The CSI Group used BrightSign Network to create a customized and user-friendly content management system (CMS) for cafeteria employees and Estée Lauder corporate staff to easily update the menus and event board. BrightSign Network makes it possible to use the Live Media Feed to add custom fields to the menus, and to create templates corresponding with the various meals served throughout the day. With each shift change, the screen layout changes and further updates are made possible via a custom plug-in written for BrightAuthor.

The solution only requires use of a single presentation utilizing different Live Media Feeds according to the time of day, or which template is being used. The chef has an additional HD1022 player on his desk, connected to a monitor and keyboard. The Chef uses the BrightSign Network web interface to schedule menu items to be shown sometime in the future. He can then use the keyboard to fast-forward to the future event, and preview how the menu would look in the future, on a given screen.

Estée Lauder is pleased with this initial roll-out and is now considering future implementations at HR and corporate communications facilities throughout the United States.

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