Retail Displays with Synchronized Video, Audio and Lighting

Candy maker Just Born, Inc., creator of the much-loved chick- and bunny-shaped marshmallow PEEPS® as well as brands, chose BrightSign as its preferred digital signage solution for the company's flagship retail store, Peeps & Company™. A series of large, interactive digital displays adorn the walls throughout the store, which are synchronized with lighting and music, to provide a truly immersive customer experience. Displays are easily updated by store managers to reflect seasons, holidays and changes in products.


"The overall environment—changes in color and mood to reflect the different seasons and highlight the assorted brands choreographed with music, background tones and video clips captivates shoppers in sensorial delight. BrightSign provides video quality, synchronization and ease of management that will enable Peeps & Company to continue to offer shoppers a fresh new sensory experience each time they visit the store."- Kathy Bassininski, VP of Brand Development and Corporate Services for Just Born, Inc.

Key Facts

Design/Integration: RTKL, Inc.'s Special Systems Design Group and One Solution Lighting

Industry: Retail Store

Location: Peeps & Company in National Harbor, MD

Project: Large, interactive digital displays are mounted on the walls throughout the store, with the varied display messages, music and sound synchronized with the designs on the ceiling-mounted LED displays.

Recognition: ProAV 2010 Spotlight Award for Best Retail AV Project

BrightSign Solution

  • Eight NEC wall-mounted displays with BrightSign controllers manage and play back 1080i videos and images of Just Born’s various candy brands
  • The ninth BrightSign controller operates as master unit
  • 4000 LED nodes in a ceiling light display
  • BrightAuthor presentation creation software provided the tools to easily develop the synchronization between the video, music and lighted displays
  • BrightSign Simple Networking provides convenient audio-video updates by non-technical store managers


  • Synchronize and coordinate video and audio with lighting as well as pattern and image designs on ceiling-mounted LED displays
  • Support for frequent content changes
  • Support in-house management by non-technical staff
  • Provide sensory immersive shopping experience

Realized Benefits

  • BrightSign controllers feature a solid-state design that provides high reliability
  • Clean, crisp delivery of video messages
  • Content continuously upgradable
  • Solution easily managed in-store
  • No extensive IT training required for solution management

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