4K Up-Scaling

Upscale 1080p content to sharp 4K resolution.

  • Use the exceptionally powerful video engine on BrightSign 4K, XD and HD models to upscale 1080p content to sharp 4K resolution.
  • Display manufacturers can demonstrate the same 1080p content on a Full HD display and a 4K display side-by-side to clearly showcase the superior picture quality of the new 4K screens.
  • BrightSign upscaling offers far better quality than the upscaling built in to screens.

Models with this feature:

4K Series:

4K242 »

4K1042 »

4K1142 »

XD Series:

XD232 »

XD1032 »

XD1132 »

HD Series:

HD222 »

HD1022 »

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