BrightSign App

Easily update messaging and interact with locally networked signage using your iPad or iPhone

  • The BrightSign App offers a simple and secure interface on your iPad or iPhone:
    • Select any BrightSign player connected to a local network.
    • Update on-screen text and user variables immediately within the running presentation.
    • Trigger presentation events and change presentation content via UDP commands.
    • Customize the user interface to match your presentation.
    • Access the diagnostic tools for each unit.
    • Secure your displays with a password.
  • This app is perfect for:
    • menu board updates
    • retail merchandising
    • emergency messaging
    • and more!

Click here to download a BrightSign presentation showcasing the BrightSign App.

Models with this feature:

XT Series:

XT243 »

XT1143 »

XD Series:

XD233 »

XD1033 »

HD Series:

HD223 »

HD1023 »

LS Series:

LS423 »

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