BrightSign Network Tagging

A BrightSign Network feature that brings a new level of customization to digital signage using media tags and player tags

BrightSign Network Tagging is a powerful way to categorize content and players by adding labels for the purpose of creating and playing highly targeted digital signage presentations and more easily managing content and players. Tagging features are included with all BrightSign Network subscriptions.

BrightSign Network Tagging Features:

  • Media Tagging: tag video, image or audio files with unique designations such as holidays, individual departments within a large facility, or sales pertaining to a specific day of the week.
  • Tagged Playlists: build a playlist using rules to add content based on media tags.
  • Player Tagging: use a “match player tags” setting to achieve a secondary level of content filtering.
  • Geo–tagging: map the locations of players and cross-reference with playback logs.

Models with this feature:

XT Series:

XT243 »

XT1143 »

XD Series:

XD233 »

XD1033 »

HD Series:

HD223 »

HD1023 »

LS Series:

LS423 »