Interactivity 2

Engage your audience with interactive devices and controls

  • Trigger playback from virtually any type of interactive device you can dream up using Interactive Playlists in BrightAuthor or HTML5:
    • Touch screens, barcode scans, motion sensors, RFID, UDP controls, GPIO and USB button controls, IR remote controls, serial devices, keyboards, mice and much more
  • Grab attention, demo product operations, deliver coupons & pricing on demand
  • Control the show with UDP or serial controls to power and manage media playback, control AV devices such as projectors, lighting, audio systems and integrate with other show controllers (AMX, Crestron, Alcorn, etc.)

Models with this feature:

XT Series:

XT243 »

XT1143 »

XD Series:

XD233 »

XD1033 »

HD Series:

HD223 »

HD1023 »

LS Series:

LS423 »