Multiply your content delivery with multi-zone layouts

  • Playback multiple content files on a single screen with zones – even dual videos on BrightSign XD and 4K.
  • Abundant content support including Full HD video, images, HTML5, Live TV, audio, text tickers, Live Text, RSS feeds, date/time widgets and more!
  • Control each zone using its own playlist.
  • Play video and audio independently.
  • Synchronize zones together and link to lighting and other displays to create an immersive experience.

Click here to download a BrightSign presentation showcasing multi-zone capabilities.

Models with this feature:

XT Series:

XT243 »

XT1143 »

XD Series:

XD233 »

XD1033 »

HD Series:

HD223 »

HD1023 »

LS Series:

LS423 »

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