BrightSign Demo Presentations for HD Players

The demo presentations below provide an overview of BrightSign HD capabilities.


  • Download the published presentation file (Ensure that the presentation is compatible with your BrightSign model).
  • Unzip the file and copy the entire contents onto an MicroSD card.
  • Insert the MicroSD card into your BrightSign unit and apply power.
  • To make changes to the presentation, download the source file and use BrightAuthor to open the *.bpf project file included with the demo.

Museum Touch Exhibit


This presentation includes an image background layered with a 1080p60 video zone, two animated HTML5 zones, and touchscreen interactivity with transitions.

Requirements Download

HD1033 with firmware v6.2.38 or higher

1080p60 Touch Screen


Museum Touch

Brewery Menu


A Red Dot designed presentation demonstrating a menu board with a 1080p60 video background and Live Text overlay. The menu items can be edited with the BrightSign App.

Requirements Download

  • BrightSign HD223 or HD1023 with firmware v6.2.38 or higher
  • 1080p60 display
  • MicroSD Class 10 memory card containing the published presentation

Published Presentation:

Source Files:

Car Dealership Touch Kiosk


This presentation is an example of a car dealership touch kiosk to select car model videos to play back.

Requirements Download

  • BrightSign HD1022 running ver 6.0.25+ firmware or HD1023 running ver 6.2.38+ firmware
  • 1080p60 touch screen


  • Operation: Touch the buttons on the bottom to playback a video for each option
  • Key Features: multi-zone, 1080p60 video, touch screen interactive

Presentation file download links:

Legacy HD600/HD2000 Demos

Standard Definition Demos

  • HD600 Demo (72MB) - Main Menu starting image with four sections to select from using a touch screen, button board, or mouse. Selecting a section allows a user to view that section's videos or slideshows

High Definition Video Demos

  • SolidLights 720p Demo (111MB) - Runs on HD2000 only. Plays an attract 720p video clip that launches into full 720p video with mouse, button board, or touch screen interaction.
  • SolidLights 1080i Demo (90MB) - Runs on HD2000 only. Plays an attract 1080i video clip that launches into full 1080i video with mouse, button board, or touch screen interaction.
  • Comix Tours Demo (56MB)

Legacy HD222/HD1022 Demos

BrightWall 2x2 Video Wall Presentation


This presentation showcases a 2x2 video wall using a single video and displaying it across all four screens using BrightWall.

Requirements Download

  • BrightSign HD222 or HD1022 players with firmware version 5.1.16 or higher
  • Ethernet switch - plug all four BrightSign players into this switch so that they can synchronize with each other
  • SDHC Class 10 memory cards containing the published presentations
  • 1080p60 displays

Published Presentation:

Source Files:

To edit the BrightWall file, you must open BrightAuthor first, select the 'Create' tab and 'BrightWall'. Then select the provided 'HD2-BrightWall.bvw' file.

3x1 BrightSign Video Wall


This video wall presentation plays 3 separate landscape 1080p60 videos in sync. The left screen is the master unit, which sends a "GO" link command via Ethernet to the middle and right screens. Enhanced sync has also been enabled under File > Presentation Properties > Interactive to ensure frame accurate synchronization between all three screens.

Requirements Download

  1. Quantity of 3 BrightSign HD222, HD1022, XD232, XD1032 or XD1132 - each playing the presentation for their respective screen (left, middle and right)
    • HD2 Firmware version 5.1.33 or higher; XD2 firmware version 5.1.40 or higher
  2. Quantity of 3 SDHC Class 10 memory card containing the published presentations for each of the 3 screens
  3. Quantity of 3 landscape screens supporting 1080p60 resolution
  4. Ethernet switch
  5. 3 Ethernet cables connecting each of the 3 BrightSign units to the switch - no Internet connection required.

Published Presentation File:

Published 3x1 Video Wall (581MB)

Source 3x1 Video Wall (581 MB)

Retail Interactive Kiosk


This retail presentation showcases a main image and supports three types of interactivity to trigger video playback of a specific product: GPIO buttons, touch screens and BP200 button panels. The BP200 button panel LEDs are programmed to blink when idle and stay on when playing the video. This demo has no audio.


  • Touch screen: touch a model to play a video. Touch again to return or wait for the video to end.
  • BP200: LEDs will blink on the main screen. Tap button 1, 2 or 3 to play the corresponding video for each model. The LED for each button will remain on during video playback.
  • GPIO button: Tap button 0, 1, or 2 to play the corresponding video for each model.

Requirements Download

  • BrightSign HD1022 with firmware v5.1.16 or higher
  • USB Touchscreen, BP200 Button Panel and/or 3 GPIO buttons
  • 1080p60 display
  • SDHC Class 10 memory card containing the published Presentation

Published Presentation:

Source Files:

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