Tutorial Videos

Links to a series of short Tutorial Videos about presentation creation and networking solutions using BrightAuthor can be found below. In addition, our online Quick Start Kit is available to download and includes sample project files and content to create your own sample presentations.

Introductory Presentation Creation Tutorials

Creating a Full Screen Presentation using BrightAuthor

This tutorial video demonstrates how to create a basic full-screen presentation using BrightAuthor that continuously loops both video and images.

Creating a Multi-Zone Presentation using BrightAuthor

Zones presentations allow you to divide the screen and playback multiple content files simultaneously. This tutorial video demonstrates how to create a multi-zone presentation using BrightAuthor that supports video, images and a text ticker or RSS feed.

BrightAuthor 3.0 Presentation Creation Features

Learn about new BrightAuthor 3.0 features that will enhance your presentations. Features covered in this quick 8-minute tutorial range from content updates using Twitter feeds and LiveText, to improved presentation workflow using dynamic playlists and media lists.

Additional BrightAuthor Tutorials

BrightAuthor 3.0 Media and Logging Tools

This 6-minute tutorial covers a number of useful tools that will enable greater insight into the effectiveness of your presentations using features such as media counters and logging, as well as tools that provide greater control of interactive elements by use of user variables, and more.

Creating an Interactive Presentation using BrightAuthor

BrightAuthor lets you create Interactive Playlists easily by simply linking content together using triggers such as buttons and touch screens. This tutorial video show how to create your own interactive playlist using BrightAuthor's simple and intuitive interface.

BrightSign XD and HTML5

This quick 7.5 minute tutorial will outline the numerous benefits of developing signage content for BrightSign XD using HTML5, and provide simple tips for doing so in BrightAuthor.

Creating a Multi-screen Synchronized Presentation using BrightAuthor

Using BrightSign's Ethernet synchronization capabilities allows you to create an impressive multi-screen presentation with syncronized playback across all screens. These video wall type of displays are an excellent way to deliver an unforgettable message to any audience and can easily be implemented using BrightAuthor.

Creating a Linked Zones Synchronized Presentation using BrightAuthor

BrightSign's Linked Zones Synchronization allows you to show a video presentation in one zone and have the surrounding image zones support it with targeted content to create a cohesive presentation. BrightAuthor makes it easy to create these types presentations and can also link zones with interactive actions so that one zone can control the playback of another zone like navigational buttons.

Adding serial controls to a Presentation using BrightAuthor

BrightAuthor lets you control devices such as lighting and projectors using interactive controls. This tutorial video walks you through how to control basic power on and off using a serial connection to your display.

BrightSign Network Tutorials

Network Setup

This first video will show how to set up a BrightSign unit to work with a BrightSign Network account through BrightAuthor. Topics covered are:

  • Setup a BrightSign Unit
  • Confirm Connection
  • Editing network settings

Publishing Presentations

This video will walk you through the basic steps you’ll need to know to publish and manage presentations with BrightSign Network. The basic steps it covers are:

  • Upload content and presentations to account
  • Schedule presentations
  • Publish presentations
  • Managing Presentations and Content

Managing Your BrightSign Network

In this video, we’ll cover how to control and manage your BrightSign Network of units by demonstrating how to perform the following tasks:

  • Network Groups
  • Status Updates
  • Recovery
  • Firmware Updates

BrightSign Simple Networking Tutorials

BrightSign Simple Networking Setup and Usage using BrightAuthor

In addition to BrightSign's full featured BrightSign Network solution for distributing and managing your presentations around the world, BrightSign also offers Simple File Networking option for basic distribution of presentations to your remote units from any standard web server that you manage yourself. Simple Networking is free to all BrightSign customers using our network enabled XD230, XD1030, XD1230, HD220, AU320, HD1020, HD210, HD210w, HD1010 and HD1010w models. This tutorial video will cover the following topics:

  • Setting up a BrightSign Unit
  • Publishing and uploading presentations
  • Updating presentations

BrightSign App

BrightSign App Tutorial

This quick tutorial explains the simple setup steps and the many uses of the BrightSign App for iPad and iPhone, including making content updates and event changes to your locally networked signage.

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